Bright Star Grant Consultants offers customized services to meet your organizational goals. Our cross-sector experience brings fresh ideas for innovative approaches. Services include:

Fund development that synchs with program and organizational growth plans; Grant proposal development with a 92% funding success rate.

Segmented communications for funders, stakeholders, donors, and staff.

Program and evaluation strategy and design for organizations and consortia; prioritization, timing, and leverage with flexible, phased approaches.

Organizational development with strategic planning processes and organizational transformation; board training and guidance.

Network and partnership building to mobilize resources and cross-sector advancement.

Assessment, analysis, and strategies for growth, sustainability, and effectiveness.

Logic modeling, decision matrix design and execution, and data analysis; due diligence.

Policies, procedures, and guidelines development; organizational structures that support growth.

Feasibility studies and community needs assessments to identify gaps, assets, and opportunities.

“Working with the Bright Star team brought insight and wisdom into the core of our development process. They are inspirational and driven to deliver. They pose some of the best questions I have been asked in my 30 years in development work. They evaluate areas we have not. It is key to note that Board and staff like working with them. Renee is focused and clear about deliverables.”

Jerry Millhon
Executive Director
Whidbey Institute