Bright Star leaders are widely published in industry and academic literature. See below for a short list of publications written or published by our team.

Getting Funded: The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals 6th Edition

Getting Funded: The Complete Guide to Writing Grant Proposals is a silver medal winner of the Axiom Business Book Awards for 2012.  This is the newest version of the classic text on grant proposal writing.  Getting Funded guides you step-by-step to: prepare your organization to compete successfully for grants, identify the most suitable funders for your work, describe your projects persuasively, and maintain strong relationships with funders.  To find out more about this publication or to purchase a copy, please click HERE.


You’ve Been Funded! Winning Grant Proposals Stand Out From the Rest

American Schools Foundation (December 2011): An article that outlines how school foundations can position themselves to raise more funds with ten points about program, budget, organizational, and community development.

Avoid Budgetary Mistakes, Think Through Costs Holistically

LRP Publications, Inc., Education Grants Alert, (April 2010): An eight point article about how schools can re-conceptualize their budgets to avoid mistakes.

The Time That Got Away from Us

A trilingual publication by Bright Star.  Available for free download or screen view and used throughout Guatemala as a classroom text for middle school through University.  Available at: